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Florida Institute of Government Volunteers at the University Area Community Development Corporation

Members of the Florida Institute of government worked with the University Area Community Development Corporation to wrap and deliver presents for deserving families of the community during its annual toy drive.

Sunshine State Survey: As state economy rises, concerns over job loss, foreclosure decline

via Tampa Bay Times

An improving state economy shows Floridians are less stressed over job security and the threat of home foreclosure, two onerous pressure points on consumers in recent years, says the latest installment of the Sunshine State survey released Tuesday.

Focusing on economic matters, the survey found that the No. 1 concern, job loss and unemployment, was almost halved between 2012 and 2014. That indicates Florida's economy is recovering from the recession and average people are feeling more confident in the job market. Read more >>


Resident concerns shift from jobs to growth

via WWSB ABC-7: My Suncoast

SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. -- For the 23rd year in a row, a survey of Sarasota County residents is showing what many like and don't like locally. For years, the biggest issues have been jobs and the economy. This year though, it's concern about growth and development.

In June and July, the Florida Institute of Government interviewed 800 Sarasota County residents about the place they live and their local government. Read more >>


Sarasota County's report card: Citizen survey cites good governance but room for improvement

via Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Sarasota County posted its report card online last week, and it shows that government officials have a lot to be proud of, and some areas that need work.

The grades came in the form of the results of the "2014 Sarasota County Citizen Opinion Survey," itself an example of good government. It's the county's 23rd annual survey of residents, and the overall positive results this time suggest that the county has responded to previous concerns.

Any such survey is only a snapshot of public opinion at a given point in time. Yet the county's survey is thorough and professionally conducted by the University of South Florida's Florida Institute of Government, under the direction of noted USF political scientist Dr. Susan A. MacManus. Read more >>


Sunshine State Survey: Floridians divided on politics, less so on social issues

via Tampa Bay Business Journal

A new Sunshine State Survey from the University of South Florida indicates that Floridians see political difference as the biggest divide between people, but don't view divides of gender, age, religion, and citizenship as significant.

This indicates that while becoming more partisan in politics, Floridians are also becoming more tolerant of other differences, according to Susan MacManus of USF, who spoke on a conference call Thursday about the survey findings. Read more >>


Sarasota County earns good marks on Citizen Opinion Survey

via North Port Sun

VENICE—Results of a citizens survey released Tuesday showed that a majority of those polled found the quality of life in Sarasota County to be either “good” or “excellent.”

While the survey, which was conducted by the Florida Institute of Government at the University of South Florida in Tampa, suggests that the number of people who think quality of life is excellent has decreased and the number of those who think it is good has increased, overall the county received favorable marks.

Citizen Opinion Survey sees shift in Sarasota County residents' priority issues

via Sarasota Herald-Tribune

VENICE—In a sign of an improving economy, an annual survey of Sarasota County residents showed their top concerns have shifted from jobs and the economy to development, population growth and traffic.

Over the past three years, the number of people citing concerns about growth and development has spiked to 21 percent from 3 percent. This is the county's top issue, surveyed residents said, and the number of people citing it as a concern has reached nearly the same level as during the real estate boom. Read more >>